Humanity Bakery is one big, simple family consisting of wonderful companies with extensive expertise in the bakery industry: Les Aliments 2000, Chef Dumas and Chef François Hubert offer a daily assortment of bakery and pastry products across all grocery stores as well as food service and catering companies.

Our artisans’ know-how lies in sustainable development and healthy, balanced growth. Respect for the environment and for people is the key to Humanity Bakery’s success in becoming America’s leading food company.


« You can Make it ! »,
This is the mission that Humanity Bakery has taken on to help all families discover culinary delights. Eat well, live well!

Humanity Bakery’s portfolio features a wide range of specialized bakeries and pastry shops. Once you’ve tasted them, you’re hooked for good!

Pâte 2000

Pâte 2000 offers pie bottoms and tops, pizza doughs, crusts, sauces, and other related products to make your life easier.

Chef Dumas

Our croissants, pastry shells and puff pastry sheets are simple and delectable bases for your meal. They are ready to be added to your recipe as soon as they are removed from their packaging.

Chef François Hubert

Chef François Hubert offer a large variety of pizza doughs, thin-crust pizza dough, pie bottoms and tops.

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